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My Favorite Trail Photos 2011

  Well, 2011 was another great year I did more than 1000 mtb miles, many miles were done on new trails, and many were done on some old favorites. I took an equal amount of foto's on the trails. Here are a few of my 2011 favorites, some I just like, others bring back fond memories. All in all 2011 goes down as another great year, and will hopefully continue through 2012.           … [Read more...]

HDR Photo Gallery Sedona Trails part 1

HDR Photo Gallery Sedona Trails part 1 . … [Read more...]

HDR Photo Gallery Slickrock Trail Moab

HDR Photo Gallery Slickrock Trail Moab . . … [Read more...]

MTB Trails HDR Photo Gallery

Just launched a new website to post my HDR Trail Photo's. I will be adding content as I ride the trails. . . Checkout the trails in HDR at www.mtb-trails.com . … [Read more...]

Moab Trails in HDR Compilation part 1

Part 1 of a Moab Trails in HDR Compilation. These HDR photo's were taken on the Hidden Valley onto Moab Rim Trail, Flat Pass Trail, Poison Spider Mesa Trail and the Portage Trail in Moab Utah. . . … [Read more...]

GIANT Trance X4 2009 HDR Compilation

A HDR compilation of the GIANT Trance X4 2009 taken on various trails throughout the USA. . . … [Read more...]