Visitors from around the world are coming to the Dordogne, not for the Prehistoric sites, or Medieval Towns and Villages, No, they are coming to Mountain Bike.
Since some of Walking Dordogne’s Mountain Biking Videos were posted on various sites such as YouTube and Mountain Bike Mayhem interest in their tours have gone through the roof.

Mountain Biking Dordogne

Walking Dordogne is very secretive about their Trails, but, as Duke from Walking Dordogne states,

this is because we have spent years putting these unique trails together, and a lot of our trails are actually on private property.

Walking Dordogne’s notorious rides are :

•The Devils Play Ground
•Satan’s Fury
•Devils Backbone
•Valley of Revenge
•Hells Gorge

Walking Dordogne are planning to launch two Dordogne “EPIC” trails, an EPIC Trail is a trail that will take a whole day (if lucky) to complete, usually aboy 8+ hours.
These 2 EPICS will be finalized in about November, and will be added to the 2010 list of trips / tours.

To make it easier for Mountain Bikers around the world to find mountain biking in the Dordogne info, Walking Dordogne has launched a “Mountain Biking Dordogne” web page :

For all other Walking Dordogne Tours and Trips visit :



Mountain Bike Mayhem has lauched a 100% Mayhem street line, for PROUD Mountaintain Bikers to show the world they are proud to be a mountain biker.

Wear 100% Mayhem with Pride, and you will feel the Glory!!

For more info visit: 100% Mayhem Clothing

Been very busy on the trails, but because of the remote locations I am at, I don’t always have internet, and when I do, I don’t have much time.

So I will be adding all my rides to  please check it out, I have added a lot of extras like Videos, Gallery, Merchandise etc..