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When I [ RIP3D ] am not testing mountain biking trails in various places on earth, I am a Mountain Biking Guide in the Dordogne, South West France.
Mountain Biking in the Dordogne is a 100% unique experience. you cannot compare the Dordogne to Moab, or Fruita, but then again, you cannot compare Moab or Fruita to the Dordogne either.. (if you know what I mean!!)

The Dordogne is the most beautiful and diverse region in Europe. No where in the world can you travel through more than 460,000 years of history, all within 2 hours. From the Vezere Valley, that is the undisputed Prehistoric Capital of the World. The Vézère valley contains 147 prehistoric sites dating from the Paleolithic and 25 decorated caves. It is particularly interesting from an ethnological and anthropological, as well as an aesthetic point of view because of its cave paintings, especially those of the Lascaux Cave, whose discovery in 1940 was of great importance for the history of prehistoric art.

The Dordogne Valley is famous for her Medieval Towns & Villages, Bastides, Castles, Forts, Fortified Monasteries and other Medieval Jewels.

The tours I guide are for Walking Dordogne, a small but extremely popular Outdoors Outfitter that specialize in Hiking, Canoeing, Horse Riding and lets not forget Mountain Biking, the groups are small, never more than 5, the rides are technically and physically moderate, the views are a stunning 5+, and as I said, 100% unique.

Our notorious trails to date are :

  • The Devils Play Ground
  • Satan’s Fury
  • Devils Backbone
  • Valley of Revenge
  • Hells Gorge
  • Dordogne Mayhem

Most Trails can be combined to make them longer or shorter.

The trails will take you through Prehistoric Caves and shelters, more than 20 times older than the Egyptian Pyramids and 90 times older than Machu Picchu , medieval villages, ancient merchant trails, dating back 1000’s of years, and ancient oak and walnut forests.

If you are a Mountain Biker that believes culture and unique scenery is more important than Grade 5 tech trails, and you are looking for some unique mountain biking, then take a look at Mountain Biking Dordogne or Walking Dordogne

Hopefully I will personally get to meet you in the Dordogne, if you have any further questions about Mountain Biking in the Dordogne, please let me know.

More Info : Mountain Biking Dordogne or Walking Dordogne


Every Mountain Biker knows the feeling of wanting to experience NEW rides in NEW places but we also all know that planning these trips can be a nightmare, and work out to be very expensive. There are numerous companies that organize Mountain Biking trips, but NO company offers Mountain Biking Trips / Adventures like Sacred Rides

Sacred Rides has been the undisputed leader in Mountain Biking Trips Worldwide for over 13 years, and are the singletrack specialists and the #1 mountain bike adventure company in North America.

Sacred Rides offer excellent and unique Mountain Biking Tours tours / adventures in the following countries

  • Canada
  • Croatia / Slovenia
  • USA
  • Peru
  • Chile
  • Guatemala

They also offer a wide range of Skills Camps”

Sacred Rides Mountain Biking Tours

img_recentnews_ngaAt Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Adventures, we strive to make every ride sacred. We are the world’s #1 mountain bike tour operator, and we bring passion and inspiration to every trip and every ride.

We’ll take you to incredible places around the world, surround you with jaw-dropping scenery, give you amazing cultural experiences, and take you on the world’s most incredible mountain bike trails – all guided by the industry’s strongest environmental and social responsibility mandate.

For over 13 years, we have offered award-winning small-group adventures and skills camps around the world, backed by our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

What sets Sacred Rides Apart?

Sustainable Tourism: They have one of the most comprehensive social and environmental responsibility mandates in the business.

Experience: With over 13 years of experience leading mountain bike trips around the world, they have the experience and knowhow to deliver you the mountain bike adventure of a lifetime!

Local Knowledge: All of their trips are led by friendly locals with a passion for mountain biking and a love of the outdoors.

Their Guarantee: They are the only company in the mountain bike tourism industry that will back your trip with a comprehensive guarantee.



For more info about Sacred Rides please visit their website : www.sacredrides.com



Welcome to this new blog of mine, I will soon be starting my 2009 USA Mountain Biking Tour.
If you know of any Trails that HAVE to be done, please let me know.

Giant Yukon FX3

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