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[sws_green_box box_size=”920″]Before I carry on with all the juicy details about the GO, I would like to say that I am in no way at all affiliated with this product or with Sylvansport. I really wish I could say I own a GO, or that I was getting paid a lot of money for writing about this fantastic product… however that is not the case. The only reason I am sharing this info with YOU, is because the GO really is the coolest lightweight camper that is ideal for us Mountain Bikers and everyone else wanting to travel lightweight but at the same time with comfort.

The GO looks sweet, it very compact, very sturdy and lightweight, it can be pulled by any car, no matter how small it is.. Dude, you can even hook it to your steed and pull it!!.. OK, maybe not a good idea, but you get the drift.
I can guarantee you, when you rock up with your GO with a couple of steeds fastened to it, YOU ARE the “Dogs Bollocks” .. and for all you single fella’s out their, the GO is a “Babe Magnet”  ( or so I have been told ) just don’t tell your bird ‘cos that will mean the end of  your Trail weekends with the mates.

My advice to all the thrill-seekers, adventurers, pioneers, explorers or whatever you call yourself, get yourself a GO now, before everyone has one.     [/sws_green_box]


GO – the coolest lightweight camper ever!!


This is the most unique camping and travel trailer you’ll ever find. GO was designed from the frame out to be a one-of-a-kind mobile adventure trailer that’s even more versatile than a Swiss Army knife. It’s lightweight and easy to manage in the parking lot, garage or on the road. Weighing in at 840 lbs, GO can be pulled by even the smallest cars. Best of all, GO is imagined, designed, engineered, created and assembled right here in America. GO is extremely well made and crafted to last.

Beyond its beautiful surface you’ll find that no design element was left untouched. The tent sets up in minutes and stows cleanly into the roof’s storage box. It also comes equipped with a weather-tight gear box that locks to keep your weekend camping essentials secure and ready for whenever you go.

Read on to see why GO is in a class all its own. We also have downloadable technical drawings illustrating ‘GO’s dimensions as well as sleeping, eating and seating configurations.

GO is for fun. Our crack design team made GO selfishly for themselves. But I guess that’s okay, because like a lot of us, they’re into every imaginable outdoor pursuit. We love to camp, boat, bike, surf, sleep, and indulge in just about any other activity that includes family, friends, adventure and fun.

GO is flexible. Mobile Adventure Gear is more than a trailer. Like a Transformer™, it changes from a sleek, low-profile, you-hardly-know-it’s-there trailer, to an ATV-hungry hauler, to a secure, comfy camp in just minutes.

GO carries the load. It easily hauls, stores and organizes all of your toys, from boats, to bikes, to moto-machines and even tools and garden gear. So whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment mini vacation or a trip to the home improvement megastore, GO works. And it’s smart!

GO gets around. With its LED lighting, custom wheels with high-floatation tires, and intelligent suspension geometry, GO is easy to hook up to your tow vehicle and easy to tow—even by first-time-towers.

GO light. At 840 lbs. GO can be towed by almost any vehicle out there. This efficient ‘backpack on wheels’ allows you to have the benefits of an RV without the gas credit card.

GO knows. From GO’s hyper-engineered™ all-aluminum frame, to its Thule-compatible rack system, to its Kelty tent structure, GO is the most refined small towable ever.

GO ships from our factory ready to hit the road!



  • Low profile design for minimum drag and super fuel efficiency
  • All aluminum, fully tig-welded, hyper-engineered™ frame 
  • Torsion suspension for smooth load control 
  • Very light weight at 840 lbs. 
  • 13” ground clearance and high flotation tires for off-road use 
  • UV resistant plastic storage boxes for years of maintenance free watertight storage 
  • Waterproof gear storage in top camping pod 
  • Lockable waterproof gear storage in front storage pod 
  • Rack system frees up space from your tow vehicles’ roof rack 
  • Rack system compatible with Thule, Yakima, Malone and all other major brand accessories 
  • 1000 lb. load capacity 
  • Control-Tilt™ cargo bed with pneumatic dampening system 
  • Easy to own with very low-maintenance 
  • Excellent suspension geometry and handling characteristics make it easy to tow 
  • Self lubricating hubs 
  • Cast aluminum wheels 
  • Spare tire 
  • LED lighting for safer, long lasting service 
  • Reinforced diamond-plate flooring for heavy loads (up to 1000 lbs) 
  • Waterproof electrical system suitable for use as a small boat trailer 
  • Multiple tie-down points 
  • Multiple configurations for carrying gear


  • Innovative Kelty tent system 
  • Insulated bed platforms for snug sleeping 
  • Stargazing windows 
  • Excellent ventilation 
  • Custom self-inflating air mattress from Pacific Outdoor Equipment 
  • Equal to a King-size and a half of sleeping surface 
  • Secure entry awning with optional larger awning 
  • Zippered entry/ screen door 
  • Multiple living space configurations 
  • Torsion Axle Suspension




Where can I see a SylvanSport ‘GO’? We are constantly working to ship GOs all over the US and Canada. If you’d like to see a GO in-person, click on a location near you, give us a call at 828-883-4292 or email us at info@sylvansport.com and we’ll show you a GO.

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 For more and updated info about the GO, visit www.sylvansport.com 



Hyalite to South Cottonwood Trail Bozeman Montana.

The Hyalite to South Cottonwood Trail is a real Jekyll & Hyde Trail, definitely not a trail for the cocky gung-ho riders, and definitely not a trail to test your $89 full suspension Walmart Mongoose.

But, if you are up for a scary challenge then this trail is definitely the dogs bollocks!!

Hyalite to South Cottonwood Trail Bozeman Montana

Trail Stats & Information

Nearby City: Bozeman

Length: 11.4 miles

Trail Type: Point 2 Point, or loop ( for loop add about 14 miles )

Skill Level: Technically very difficult. Physically difficult.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Trailhead Elev: 6,600 feet

Top Elev: 7,920 feet

Book Description

The History Rock trail almost immediately begins a 3 mile climb out of the parking lot. The first 1/2 mile is a good warmup before it becomes steep and sustained for about 2 miles to a junction. This is all cleanable, but will definetly get your heart pumping. Once you reach a meadow with beautiful views of Mt. Blackmore, you know you are done climbing, from here on it is downhill.
Technical switchbacks, rocks and roots will make this a terrifying ride.

My Experience

Traihead was easy to find, it was well marked easy to follow. The first 20 minutes on the History Rock Trail was easy going, and I was pretty confident I would manage to reach the top without stopping.. 10 minutes past History Rock and I was walking!! and I probably spent 10-15 walking, this trail was killin’ me!!.

The strange thing about this trail, is it looks and feels easy, it is not overly steep, the trail is in good shape, not rocky or many roots, but that was just deceiving!!.. I am a fairly decent climber, but you would have to come from a very good stable to make it to the top of this one without stopping and walking.

Once at the top, it all opens up to a mountain meadow with stunning views, and right there in front of you, is a beautiful very narrow singletrack dropping down as far as you can see.. I am not much of a poet, but when I saw that I almost became one!

I was off like a greased whippet screaming down the smooth singletrack, just as I was hitting take off speed, the trail became rocky, and I was up & down like Bangkok Betty still going too fast, then out of nowhere a 130 degree switchback was in front of me. Don’t ask me how I did it, but I managed to get around it in one piece, but I had been warned, this trail is not to be taken lightly. The 5 miles that followed were darn right abusive and pretty scary, absolutely zero room for error, if you fall on this trail, you are gonna have some serious bacon… and that’s if you’re lucky, this is definitely not a trail you want to fall off your steed. Uncomfortable with large rocks and tech switchbacks?.. how about a 3 foot fall on a switchback? thank the lord I saw it on time and managed to come to a safe stop, ‘cos if you Endo here, you are gonna have 5 seconds to learn how to fly, or get hurt very badly..

This is a fantastic trail, but to fully enjoy it you have to remember 2 very important things.. Go too fast and you are gonna get seriously hurt, and go too slow and you will get seriously hurt

Treat this trail with respect and don’t forget to thank the ” Trail Guardian” if you make it down in one piece.


Great Trail with a high buzz factor and some great views, really sweet singletrack. The climb is physically very demanding, and the downhill is pretty abusive and technical

Other Info:

Traffic on Trail : no one untill the last mile from the Cottonwood TH

Wild Life : too tired to notice while climbing, and too much concentration on the downhill to notice

Scenery : Some very scenic stretches

Other : Just be very careful and Good Luck

My Trail Rating : 8.5 / 10