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Last year while I was mountain biking in Moab Utah, I met up with a fella called “Duke” we got chatting, ‘cos he to had a Giant Yukon FX3, anyway we did a few trails together, and it turned out that Duke had a buisness in the Dordogne, S.W. France, called “Walking Dordogne” that specialized in outdoors stuff such as hiking, canoeing, horse riding and Mountain Biking..
I gladly took him up on his offer to show me some of the meanest rides the Dordogne has to offer.


Well , in all honesty, the Dordogne is no Moab, or Bend, but it is pretty awesome and unique..
There are no mountains in the Dordogne, but it is all rolling hills, which make for some great up’s and downs.. slow up’s but extremely fast downs!!.. The trails I did with Duke, I would rate about a 2+ to a -3 nothing serious.. but still no margin for errors!!
It made me laugh that Duke has named his trails “Devils Playgroud”, and “Devils Backbone” or “Satans Fury” … Sh1t Man,.. when I heard these names I was almost too scared to ride ’em!!.. But like Duke said, It’s all in a name..
The scenery in the Dordogne and Vezere Valley is absolutely stunning, and it’s famous for being the Prehistoric Capital of the World.. and like I said, the rides aren’t gonna make you ejaculate adrenaline, but the scenery will!!
Anyway, I can and will recommend Mountain Biking in the Dordogne, with Duke. He and the rest of Walking Dordogne are guarenteed to show you a great time.

A BIG Thanks to Duke, who is a great person and a friend…

Duke, I’ll see you Asheville NC sometime in August 😉

For more info about Duke visit :


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