SixSixOne 2011 Coresaver

Although 2010 was a fantastic year for me on and off the trails, it was also a year of “crashes”. Luckily for me nothing really serious, but I know that my luck might not last, and just like everyone else, I’m getting older.
In 2010 I managed to break my wrist, break my big toe, break two ribs, crack 2 ribs and crack my sternum.. and of course lot’s of bacon.

I have big plans for 2011, and have decided to focus a bit more on trail safety, and my first step was to purchase the SixSixOne 2011 Coresaver. I know this layer of protection can’t perform miracles, but at least I have some peace of mind, and it will definitely protect me more than if I did not have it.

It fits nice and snug, and am looking forward to it becoming part of my “uniform” . After I have used it on the trails a good few times, I will post a follow-up about the SixSixOne 2011 Coresaver.

SixSixOne 2011 CoresaverSixSixOne 2011 CoresaverSixSixOne 2011 Coresaver

Articulating armor that is adjustable with removable back protector caps allow for the rider to use the Leatt® brace, while built in shoulder protection and hard capped chest provide a unique middle ground that is not offered by anyone else in the market.

  • Dual density vented EVA impact shoulder pads allow a combination of protection and mobility.
  • Back area has CE-certified injection molded high-impact plastic articulated armor.
  • More lower internal organ coverage than any other suit.
  • Comfortable and adjustable elastic Velcro® waist belt for greater support and stability.
  • Re-designed for 2010 to be compatible with neck braces with lighter chest plate, better fit.
  • Top three armor plates are removable for use with all neck braces.
  • Durable yet comfortable vented mesh main body.
  • No need to refrigerate! Cools itself through evaporation.
  • Vented EVA foam protective under layers keeps you cool.
  • sixsixone 2011 Coresaver

    sixsixone 2011 Coresaver


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