Pipe Dream Moab

Pipe Dream Moab

Pipe Dream Moab

The new Pipe Dream Trail in Moab, a fantastic singletrack that starts in downtown Moab


Last year October this trail did not exist, and I was pleasantly surprised to have a +10 mile singletrack at my doorstep. I did the Pipe Dream all the way, from Hidden Valley to Aspen Street and back. Having the smell of Burger King follow me all the way was not easy, knowing that it would only be a 5 min detour to add Burger King or McDonalds to the trail. This time I did not give in to temptation, but it was very difficult.

 Pipe Dream Trail Map

Trail Stats & Information Pipe Dream  

Nearby Town: Moab

Length: about 12.00 miles as an out & back

Trail Type: Out & Back

Skill Level: [what the books say] No info

Skill Level: [My Opinion] Technically moderate. Physically moderately demanding.

Duration: about 3 hours

Trailhead Elev: 4,428 feet

Top Elev: 4,663 feet



Book Description

New trail, so not yet listed in any books, the below is a description based on my opinion.

The Pipe Dream is a nice moderately technical singletrack that can be started at numerous places. The full Pipe Dream runs from Moab [ Aspen Street ] to the Hidden Valley Trailhead. The trail is well marked, it’s definitely not a fast trail, but it is definitely a trail that should be on the list of anyone riding the Moab Trails.


 My Experience

For the past 5 years I have spent the whole month of October in Moab, I always stay at the Moab Rim Campark. As many know, the Hidden Valley onto Moab Rim Trail is one of my favorite Moab rides. Moab Rim Campark is literally just 10 min. ride to the Hidden Valley Trailhead, following the “Under the Wires” trail.

I was pleasantly surprised this year to find a new trail starting ( or finishing) at the Hidden Valley Trailhead.. The Pipe Dream.

The Pipe Dream was officially opened on June 17th 2011, so it really is a brand new Trail.
The trail is very well built, and runs the whole length at the foot of the Hidden Valley and Moab Rim. The trail is far from being flat, and is no means a fast flowing trail. I started the ride directly from Moab Rim Campark at about 10 am on a Monday. I was pretty surprised at the number of riders already on the trail, it is clear that the Pipe Dream is already a very popular trail.

The ride from Hidden Valley to Moab Aspen Street, is a lot easier than from Aspen Street to Hidden Valley. Technically both directions are moderately technical, however physically the ride to Hidden Valley is a lot more strenuous, due to more climbing.



The people that built the Pipe Dream did a fantastic job, the singletrack winds itself around, under and over some unbelievable rocky terrain. It’s a great slow and moderately technical trail, that offers a lot of options. Out and Back from downtown Moab, but for the real “grinderz” among us, it can form a fantastic loop with Hidden Valley and Moab Rim.
It’s already clear that the Pipe Dream is a huge success, and is becoming very popular, very quick.


  Other Info:

Traffic on Trail : For a weekday, It was moderately busy

Wild Life : a snake

Scenery : Really nice scenery.

Other : Have not done it myself, but the Pipe Dream can be a great option to loop the Hidden Valley onto Moab Rim. Physically extremely demanding, but it would make a hell of a loop none the less.


My Trail Rating : 7 / 10


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