Crank Brothers Joplin 4R Seat Post

Crank Brothers Joplin 4R Seat Post

Crank Brothers Joplin 4R Seat Post

 Product Description

If your favorite trail throws as many sweeping downhill sections at you as it does long, uphill lungbusters, you probably spend a lot of time changing your saddle height along the way.You can thank Crank Brothers for making the adjustment process faster,easier and a heck of a lot more convenient. With four inches of travel, the Joplin 4 adjustable seatpost lets you set the optimal saddle height for whatever type of terrain you encounter. With just a flick of the handlebar-mounted remote, you can instantly lower your saddle for descents, and just as quickly return it to the perfect height for the next climb–without the hassle of dismounting and fiddling with your seat post collar. Just unweight, flip the remote and put the power to the pedals.

  • Dual guide blocks maintain post alignment to prevent saddle wiggle
  • Outer clamps engineered to reduce flexing and slippage
  • Saddle fore/aft and tilt are infinitely adjustable
  • U-cup seal prevents the oil in the upper tube from leaking into the outer post shaft
  • Two-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

Specs :

Diameter : 30.9, 31.6

Length : 398mm

Material : Aluminum

Offset : 20mm Weight : 590g  


Trail Performance :

This is my first ever “Dropper”, and it took me quite some time to decide to spend about $230 on this seat post.
I purchased this seat post back in June 2011, and have tested it on +400 mountain biking miles. The first couple of times I hit the trails, I completely forgot to use it, or the truth be told, I didn’t know quite how to use it.
Of course I knew I had to drop gravity on a downhill section / obstacle, however it wasn’t that easy on the trails.
I started to think that maybe I had wasted my money on this “gadget”. Slowly and bit by bit I started to get the hang of things, and things started looking up.

Now 400 miles and 3 months later, I don’t even have to think about things, my eyes, brain and thumb are fine tuned to work together, and in a fraction of a second I drop whenever needed.
I have heard and read a lot of negative things about “droppers” , breaking off, too slow, not dropping, not popping back up etc. Touch wood, I have not had any issues at all with my Joplin 4R , it has always worked a treat.
It is difficult to explain the benefits of a dropper to someone that has never used one, but now that I have one, and know how to use it, I would not want to be without one again. Like most things in life, you only start appreciating things when you know how to use them properly.

The Crank Brothers Joplin 4R Seat Post looks sharp, it was easy to install ( although mine was installed by Hub Cyclery in Iydllwild CA ) it takes about 20 min. to install.
The thumb lever is very easy to use for both drop and lift.

I highly recommend the Crank Brothers Joplin 4R Seat Post, it is now part of my riding experience, and I would not like to revert back to a permanant saddle.

For more info about the Crank Brothers Joplin 4R Seat Post visit : Crank Brothers

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